"For several years I have been looking to consolidate my pensions, and with a family member in the industry you would have thought this quite easy.

However, it just hadn’t quite happened. So, after joining BNI and getting to know Thornton and his team more I realised instead of waiting any longer I’d ask Thornton to look at this for me.

Thornton and his team have been great, and they have sorted through the mix of pensions easily and skilfully. Thornton provided me with clear advice on the different options available to me with my pension portfolio.

With the result that I now have peace of mind that my pension portfolio is now being properly managed by the Orchid team and I also have visibility and clarity on how my investments are performing.

Whilst I won’t be retiring anytime soon, I might have been retiring quicker had I sought advice from Thornton sooner.

I therefore thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering getting advice in this area to not hesitate in contacting Thornton and his team at Orchid Financial Services."

Lisa Parrett         November 2022

WPA Healthcare


“I have not used a financial advisor previously, but having come into a small amount of money, and my retirement looming not too distantly in the future, I was recommended to Thornton at Orchid Financial Services.  After an initial fact finding conversation and filling out the relevant forms to ascertain my attitude to risk, we agreed upon some products that would spread any risk and give me some tax breaks.  That was 3 years ago and I have received what I consider an amazingly good return on these investments and have continued to take advice and contribute more each year.”

Karen Fitzsimmons  11/03/2022

The AP Partnership



"I had been putting off for a while reviewing my investments because it seemed like a chore, but so glad that I contacted Orchid to help me with this.  The approach from the outset was very personal and I particularly liked the fact that I was taken through a number of questions to identify my level of openness to risk which ensured that products proposed were suitable for my needs.  The process of moving a number of investments into portfolio was made very easy too, with simple forms to complete and updates from Orchid as each transaction took place.   I also really appreciated the level of transparency around charges right from the beginning.  It has been a real pleasure to deal with Thornton and Will – what seemed like a potentially painful chore turned out to be far easier than I thought and its good to know my money is in safe hands.

Thanks guys for helping me tick this off my to do list!"


11th March 2022


"When I found myself needing financial advice and a mortgage, I was overwhelmed by the options out there. I chose Orchid Financial Services Ltd, based on their 5* reviews and locality.

After Rachel and Thornton assessed my financial situation, I felt I was able to move forward. Everything was done via virtual meeting, phone and email. Rachel found me a great mortgage deal (twice) and was there to support me through a very problematic buying process. It was reassuring when she was so prompt to reply to my emails.

I was given useful recommendations for other professionals, such as solicitors, will writers and electricians, but there was no pressure to use them.

Would I use Orchid Financial Services again? Absolutely. 

Special thanks to Rachel."

J A Nosworthy Jan 2022


"I wanted to give a big thank you to all at Orchid  Financial services for helping me find the best investment opportunities for my pension. I have had great advice, suggestions and support. They listen to what you need and their recommended fund performance has been outstanding. I have no worries at all about my financial future through my retirement. For anyone wanting financial advice, I would thoroughly recommend the team at Orchid."
Ian Fleming
Not Just Travel Ltd   31st August 2021


"Although we were asked to provide a testimonial near enough 12 months ago, we have held off until now for reasons that will become apparent.

My wife and I had reached an age where we thought we might possibly be able to retire but weren't quite sure what we needed to do with our various funds to make this happen. A friend recommended we contact Orchid Financial Services Ltd for an initial chat about our options. We did this and arranged a (pre-covid) face to face meeting with Thornton Holmes at Orchid's offices. He immediately put us at ease as we discussed our requirements and the options open to us.

After some thinking time, one or two more meetings and a few e-mails, we decided to allow Thornton and his team to invest our funds with the aim of generating a tax efficient retirement income. During the whole process Thornton's team kept us up-to-date with progress and helped us resolve a couple of niggles in transferring funds from one of our pension providers.

Almost as soon as we had completed the arrangements and been given access to a fund management portal to track our investments, Covid 19 hit and we watched in complete horror as the value of our hard earned fund dropped by almost 20%! That was back in March and despite Thornton's assertions that things would recover quite quickly we suffered a few agonising months wondering whether we had really done the right thing!

Throughout this turbulent period we've had occasional on-line Zoom meetings with Thornton and our investment fund manager where they have both been frank, open and honest with us and used their experience of previous, perhaps less severe, downturns to assure us that we did not need to worry unduly. I'm pleased to say that now, in November, the value of our investments have recovered and we're beginning to see a small amount of growth.

We're now confident that we made the right choice in using Orchid to put our finances to work for us and would have no hesitation in recommending Thornton and his team to anyone in a similar situation looking for long term growth and management of their finances."

Andrew & Jillian Sizeland   23rd November 2020


"I just wanted to say huge thank you to Rachel for helping me with my income protection cover.
We sat down, we have a chat, Rachel asked the right questions, took time to understand what I
need and what I want, and based on that, not long after I’ve received some great options that I
can choose from.
I was pretty happy with my initial options, however I did have some further questions, to which
Rachel did an amazing job in taking the time to explain everything and liaise with the insurance
provider to find the right answers.
I could have signed up there and then, yet a coupe of days later Rachel got back to me with
even a better offer, which was amazing. Thank you so much, Rachel.
I would highly recommend Rachel from Orchid Financial Services to anyone who needs help
with their fiancial matters, covers, protections, etc.."

Alex Calinov,
Founder of Brilliant Digital 24th September 2020


"Hello Thornton,

I would like to thank you you Thornton and your staff for helping me move my pension  from my old employer.  Thank you with your speedy help especially through the lockdown with the Covid virus too.

Your staff where all very good and very helpful and prompt.

I will recommend you to anyone who needs help.

Best wishes"

Jules Allen 24th September 2020


"Orchid's services were recommended to my partner and I as we were looking to buy our first house and very much needed our hand holding through the whole process as we were on a steep learning curve. Rachel has been absolutely amazing through the whole process from start to finish, communicated everything in terms that we can understand and been complete transparent, honest and realistic with us. Everything has been made to seem really easy with the teams support and now we are excitedly awaiting our completion date to move into our new home!
Couldn't recommend them more highly."

Samantha Davidson 18th December 2019


"Dear Rachel, 

I am writing to convey my sincere thanks for your expertise in acquiring the re mortgage for one of my properties.

I am particularly greatful for your thoroughness in your research of lenders and your professionalism and guidance during the very detailed work. I believe, after the many years that I have used Orchid, this work must have been one of the most dificult. 

Please also thank Thornton and the team for their kindness and help during our visits.

Pauline and I would like to endorse your firm for this and for all your past achievements in our financial management."

Peter & Pauline Hammond 02/12/2019


"We would just like to send a big thank you to Thornton and Rachel for the experience that we have had with Orchid Financial Services. Nothing was ever to much trouble for them and we were always kept up to date with whatever was going on whether it was through Thornton, Rachel or another member of their hard working and caring team. We would recommend Orchid Financial Services to anyone who is looking for a good local company to look after their own personal or business finances."

Barry & Valerie Kew 01/12/2019


"Dear Sir/Madam,

To all at Orchid Financial Services Ltd. Iwould like to say thank youfor all your hard work in helping me sort out my pension. You have been so concientious and helpful in how you detailed and explained things to make it easier to understand."

Mary Glenn 18/09/2019


"As I celebrated my 55th birthday, my thoughts turned to my small corporate pensionand how I could get access to some of it. Any attempts to uncover potential options on-line ended with a hard sell sales pitch, so I turned to Orchid Financial Services for help.

Thornton and his team took time to undersatnd my goals (give me the tax free cash as soon as possible!) and showed careful attention to detail throughout their investigation of my current financial position. In time, they recommended a new Self Invested Personal Pension Plan and explained, in words of one syllable, how I could access some tax free cash and transfer the remainder to a more flexible Provider.

The subsequent paperwork and process was handled quickly and efficiently and Orchid kept me updated throughout. The transfer and release of funds was simple and my wife still doesn't know where the new MacBook came from!

Thank you Thornton and everyone at Orchid for your very professional service. I'd happily refer you to friends and family."

Garry Crosby 29/05/2019

Action Coach.


"I have been a customer of Orchid Financial Services for around 10 years and have always received a valued, trusted and friendly service. Especially thanks for the recent change to my pension. A very pleasant experience and stress free.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Orchid Financial Services for their professional and friendly approach."

Pam Hart 14/05/2019


"For nearly 20 years you have been helping us with our finances; Mortgages, Pensions and Life Assurance policies. We thank you and  your staff for all the time, effort and genuine concern you have put into finding us the best solutions for our financial needs. The peace of mind this has given us cannot be underestimated.

Over the last two years you have also helped two of our closest relatives...

You have worked a miracle with one, resolving a financial problem that nobody else could help with. He is now enjoying freedom from financial pressure and living in a home that is fully paid for.

The other had investments that were reaping zero return. Through your wise investments they are now giving her a second pension and a lot of peace of mind.

We have no problem in recommending you to our friends, family and work contacts and will continue to do so."

Martin & Linda 08/05/2019


"I needed financial advice as to how I invested my lump sum from my pension and monies received from me retiring from my business. I wanted to understand what income I could achieve by investing a cash lump sum. I met with Thornton a number of times where my finances were reviewed and proposals were made. I received a report both from Thornton and the investment company. Once we agreed the direction and investment strategy Thornton dealt with all the set up and I felt comfortable with his advice and product knowledge. I would have no hesitation in recommending Orchid Financial Services for their professional and friendly approach" 

David Mucklin 21/09/2018

"Rachel at Orchid managed me through the potential minefield of remortgaging my house as part of my divorce. She had endless patience and understanding and makes you feel really at ease discussing detailed and personal issues. I was kept updates at every stage. I have, and will continue to recommend Orchid's extensive services. Thank you"

Jani McKnight - 01/02/2018


"My wife and I have been customers of Orchid Financial Services now for around 10 years and have always received a valued, trusted and friendly personal service. We have both had all our financial portfolios reviewed by Orchid, pensions, life assurance, savings etc. and as a result of their advice we have achieved good percentage growth on all, especially our pensions which have achieved significant capital increases over and above what we were previously used to. We had to overcome certain reservations about how to invest and these were made possible by clear explanations of what we could hope to achieve and any potential pitfalls along the way.  As we both head towards our retirement we can look back and raise a glass to Orchid for all the great advice given over the years that will come to fruition during our retirement years."

Kevin Ringrose - 30/05/2017


Having been in pensionable employment since the age of 16, and, having had a varied career, I have accumulated a range of pension funds in various homes. For some years I felt that they needed a thorough spring clean and review, but to be honest I did not have a relationship with a financial adviser and was not altogether sure where to start looking for one. Having joined BNI and got to work closely with Thornton and the team, it was natural to use them for my own personal arrangements. They have advised objectively and 'hand-held' me through the sometimes torturous and compliance driven pension transfer process with professionalism and good grace. Six separate pension funds are now consolidated and being actively managed towards a future goal. Thank you Thornton and all of the team at Orchid Financial for managing this important transition."

Julian Bright - Bright Insight Ltd. - 19/04/2017


Dear Thornton
Thank you so much for helping me with my several pension pots. After years of leaving them frozen and not knowing the best way to invest them.
You worked out the best way to invest them to suit my needs making sure of the right decision. Also you suggested a friend to help me with writing my will. My son is now on the policy to inherit should anything happen to me.
Thornton your very professional and efficient. I feel you have given me the best service anyone can have and now have piece of mind knowing my future is in good hands.
My experience has been beyond expectations.

Erika Melnyk - 06/04/2017


Thornton has been dealing with our financial affairs for over 10 years. During that period he has looked after our mortgage, various pension funds and investments. He's always been really easy to talk to giving us practical advice based on his understanding of our financial circumstances.
I have never thought twice about recommending Thornton and Orchid Financial to any of my friends, colleagues and family.

Sallie Hinks - 29/03/2017


My wife had been concerned for some time about our responsibilities with our mortgage repayments and should the worth happen, how we would manage. Not the most uplifting of topics, which is why it is easily overlooked I suppose.
Soon after joining this BNI Chapter, Thornton and Orchid Financial Services stood out to me as being able to offer the solution to my dilemma with a life insurance policy.
It was clear to me that Thornton had a first class reputation within the BNI Chapter so I had no doubts he would do his very beest to help me set up the cover we needed and he certainly did not disappoint. We set a date that was convenient and began the process.
Thornton was extremely professional and thorough throughout and talked us through the process at every stage. He made it all very simple and was sure to cover all of our wants and needs. After meeting with Thornton and comparing basic online quotes it was apparent the level of service offered was itself great value for money. Thornton offered advice and reflected on experience of good and not so good insurers, so we could be confident if the time came where we would need to make a claim we won't be caught out with technicalities and loopholes and left fighting for the settlement we are paying for. To me this is worth more than saving literally a few pounds with an online service.
When finalising the agreements, we went on to learn more of the benefits of taking out the policy with Orchid Financial Services and I will certainly hope to be working with Thornton and Orchid Financial Services for many years to come with some of the other services he can offer.
Thank you very much for your efforts Thornton and I have the ultimate faith and confidence in referring any of my contacts to you in the future.


Brett Groome - 09/03/2017

We would like to thank Graham especially and Thornton for the very professional manner in which they have conducted business for us. It was done in a very friendly way and explained in a way both of us could understand with our Pension Plans and Investing money for us.We would recommend anyone wanting advice for Pensions and Investments or any other Financial Requirements to use Orchid Financial Services Ltd.


Steve and Sharon Smedley - 07/02/2017

Dear Thornton and Rachel
Just a quick note to express my satisfaction with your friendly and highly professional service. Your solution to my disjointed and messy pensions was creative and satisfying. I have completed the most important financial decisions of my life in this regard following your exceptional advice and after a year I am delighted with fund performance. I would like to unreservedly recommend your services. I look forward to a continuing excellent relationship.
With sincere regards


Andy Bunce - 03/02/2017

Dear Thornton,
I wanted to thank you for your ongoing advice and expertise in investing some money for me which had previously been looked after by my bank. I was extremely impressed by the growth the investment had achieved in only a few years.
I would also like to commend you on your advice which enabled me to access the money direct from LV rather than incurring additional fees.
I would certainly use your services and knowledge in future and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
kind regards

David Bird M.M.Inst.V. - 24/01/2017


Dear Thornton and Rachel
Jane and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the work you did for us in regard to the complicated process of Equity Release. Whilst being very professional you gave us comfort and confidence all the way through to a successful completion and we are very pleased with the result. Again thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future
kind regards

Jane and Peter Munro - 16/01/2017


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organising life and accident insurance cover for me.
You worked out the best cover for me to ensure peace of mind for both my family and I. By suggesting that I also include cover for my children, at a very minimal increase, has meant that they are covered for injuries they may suffer in their sporting activities.
This was the case for my son Aaron who suffered an avulsion fracture of his leg whilst playing rugby. The upset of missing rugby for around 6 weeks has been softened by the insurance claim that has paid for new boots, body armour and an upcoming trip to see the Leicester Tigers!
The claim equates to over 27 months premium, and the whole claim was dealt with professionally and efficiently by the team at Orchid Financial Services.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Orchid Financial services to all my friends, family and business acquaintances, especially if their children play contact sports.

Jay Wells - 23/11/2016


From the first presentation to the last phone call. Every facet of your joint customer service is apparent. Friendly yet very professional I found it easy to relay my wishes and at no point was I disappointed in your delivery. Once again thank you

Roland - 23/11/2016


I Wish to thank Orchid financial services, for the help in setting up my Pension and other financial arrangements. Their friendly staff were very helpful and reassuring and kept me fully informed throughout the process, I would be glad to recommend them to anybody.

Brian Dean - 27/08/2016


I recently decided to review my personal pension plans, as I felt I wasn't managing them effectively. I hadn't looked at return on investment and profitability for a number of years.
I was introduced to Thornton Holmes, Orchid Financial Services, at BNI Synergy in Peterborough.
Thornton was very efficient and thorough, very knowledgeable and clearly very experienced. We consolidated the pensions to achieve a better return on investment and i now feel that with Thornton's help we can manage the pensions effectively, moving forwards.
Thornton responded quickly to my enquiry and was very patient with me during the course of our meetings and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends, family and colleagues who are looking for a Professional Financial adviser.
I am already looking to carry out more business with Thornton due to excellent service and we have already started discussions about effectively managing my life insurance.
I really value your advice and professional expertise Thornton.

John Penny - 10/04/2016


"Hi Thornton,
I have gone on and entered a testimonial which I hope will help to bring new clients forward to your firm, you all deserve to do a roaring trade there as you all work so hard and all have such a positive professional approach ( a rarity in this day and age!).
I saw the reviews for Thornton on vouched for, as I was specifically looking for a broker who had access to the whole market place, to get the best available options and rates, and having dealt with Thornton and Rachel, and having spoken to other staff members of Orchid Financial Services, myself and my husband have been so impressed by their professional approach, Thornton and Rachel were a pleasure to deal with, and made the whole process of getting our mortgage seem effortless, due to their wealth of knowledge and experience. We would heartily recommend them to anyone, and we will be using them again in the future.

Elizabeth Owen - 10/10/2014


Dear Thornton,
would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff at Orchid Financial Services.
I set my own business up this year which apart from long hours and stress it has put a strain on my personal finances as I used a lot of savings to fund the business. As most business owners will understand, I cannot pay myself a huge salary until the business grows, but I also have a wife and 3 kids to support.
Although I have a number of Buy to Let properties, there seemed to be no way of releasing any money from them to help my personal cash flow. The only options available to me were to re-mortgage the properties which would incur fees and increase the mortgages, meaning the rent may not cover the mortgage.
One morning at BNI you stood up and in 60 seconds you mentioned you were part of an investment group that could help landlords release equity from their portfolio without them incurring costs.
This to me sounded perfect, but too good to be true, so we set a meeting.
Fast forward 6 weeks and you delivered exactly what you said, I have since released enough equity from a property without changing the mortgage amount on that property or incurring any arrangement fees.
This money has helped me pay off some debts and keep my personal bank balance afloat.
I would like to thank you for your advice and services and I will certainly recommend you to other landlords who need to or wish to release equity from their homes.

James Trigg - 07/10/2014


I have worked with Thornton for more than 15 years and he has always provided professional and well informed advice. Upon the recent sale of my business Thornton was presented with some new challenges regarding the advice and actions required to ensure that I do not ever need to return to work. The advise was spread over many products and he has not disappointed me with his advice on any of them so thanks!!!
Thornton has always remained very contactable and I do not remember an incident where I needed him and he was unable to return a call within 1 - 2 hours"

Paul B - 05/02/2014

“...The best service anyone can have... my future is in good hands.”

"I have never thought twice about recommending... to any of my friends."

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Orchid Financial Services..."