"For several years I have been looking to consolidate my pensions, and with a family member in the industry you would have thought this quite easy.

However, it just hadn’t quite happened. So, after joining BNI and getting to know Thornton and his team more I realised instead of waiting any longer I’d ask Thornton to look at this for me.

Thornton and his team have been great, and they have sorted through the mix of pensions easily and skilfully. Thornton provided me with clear advice on the different options available to me with my pension portfolio.

With the result that I now have peace of mind that my pension portfolio is now being properly managed by the Orchid team and I also have visibility and clarity on how my investments are performing.

Whilst I won’t be retiring anytime soon, I might have been retiring quicker had I sought advice from Thornton sooner.

I therefore thoroughly recommend anyone who is considering getting advice in this area to not hesitate in contacting Thornton and his team at Orchid Financial Services."

Lisa Parrett         November 2022

WPA Healthcare


“I have not used a financial advisor previously, but having come into a small amount of money, and my retirement looming not too distantly in the future, I was recommended to Thornton at Orchid Financial Services.  After an initial fact finding conversation and filling out the relevant forms to ascertain my attitude to risk, we agreed upon some products that would spread any risk and give me some tax breaks.  That was 3 years ago and I have received what I consider an amazingly good return on these investments and have continued to take advice and contribute more each year.”

Karen Fitzsimmons  11/03/2022

The AP Partnership



"I had been putting off for a while reviewing my investments because it seemed like a chore, but so glad that I contacted Orchid to help me with this.  The approach from the outset was very personal and I particularly liked the fact that I was taken through a number of questions to identify my level of openness to risk which ensured that products proposed were suitable for my needs.  The process of moving a number of investments into portfolio was made very easy too, with simple forms to complete and updates from Orchid as each transaction took place.   I also really appreciated the level of transparency around charges right from the beginning.  It has been a real pleasure to deal with Thornton and Will – what seemed like a potentially painful chore turned out to be far easier than I thought and its good to know my money is in safe hands.

Thanks guys for helping me tick this off my to do list!"


11th March 2022


"When I found myself needing financial advice and a mortgage, I was overwhelmed by the options out there. I chose Orchid Financial Services Ltd, based on their 5* reviews and locality.

After Rachel and Thornton assessed my financial situation, I felt I was able to move forward. Everything was done via virtual meeting, phone and email. Rachel found me a great mortgage deal (twice) and was there to support me through a very problematic buying process. It was reassuring when she was so prompt to reply to my emails.

I was given useful recommendations for other professionals, such as solicitors, will writers and electricians, but there was no pressure to use them.

Would I use Orchid Financial Services again? Absolutely. 

Special thanks to Rachel."

J A Nosworthy Jan 2022


“...The best service anyone can have... my future is in good hands.”

"I have never thought twice about recommending... to any of my friends."

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Orchid Financial Services..."